Can you afford to NOT have a website?

With more and more small businesses these days having their own websites, can you afford not to stay in the race by not having your own website?

The days of using the Yellow Pages to get a business contact number or address are slowly but surely fading away. With the internet constantly getting cheaper and more affordable to people, more people will obviously use the internet to find whatever information it is that they are looking for. They don't call it the "Information Highway" or "Global Village" for nothing!

Websites are more cost effective

To advertise in newspapers or magazines can easily cost you in excess of R20 000 for one advert - then it may not even be a full page ad!

Also, your ad only gets limited coverage, and of course your ad is only out there for a few weeks. After that you have to fork out another huge sum of money for the same advert!

Now, to get a website up and running can be a very cost effective way of advertising your business. What's more is the fact that you are not limited to a specific area (anyone around the world can access it!), and your website doesn't have a time limit, as long as you pay your small yearly hosting fee, your website will remain on the internet for the whole world to see!

Small business website

We specialize in small business websites, allowing the smaller companies a more cost effective way of advertising their businesses

So, if you have you own small business, and have a limited marketing budget, we can offer you very reasonable rates for our web design packages. And we even allow you to pay off your website in interest free installments over 6 or 12 months.

We target small businesses like:

  • Guest houses
  • Beauty salons/spas
  • Gardening services
  • Coffee shops/restaurants
  • Freelancers
  • etc.

Need a great invoicing system?

Web design Packages

We have several packages available to suit the needs of any small business. Some of them are:

Static websites

A static website is also referred to as a brochure website. This is the smallest type of website we do, and usually consist out of at least 3 web pages. 

These websites are for the businesses who don't plan on making regular changes to their websites (not more than about twice a month). 

A static website would typically cover the following type of information:

  • Homepage with general information on the business
  • Services page, with information regarding services and/or products offered
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact page, where all the relevant contact details are shown, and maybe some staff photos, as well as info like business hours, etc.

The main idea with static websites is that if you want to change something, you will have to get us to do it, and we will invoice you accordingly for the time it takes to make the changes. (we keep time and invoice at a half hourly rate. See our maintenance page for details)

Get more information on static websites.


CMS stands for Content Management System - this basically means that the website owner can make desired content changes to their website themselves. 

CMS's are a bit more expensive than static websites, but as you can make your own changes, it will save you money in the long run

We have designed our CMS from the ground up, with user-friendliness being our main goal. It is so easy to use, that you can let your 10 year old make changes to your website, or even your 73 year old granny!

A CMS allows you to do the following:

  • A custom template, designed to your specifications
  • Manage your own website
  • Make changes whenever you want, saving you money on maintenance charges
  • Add as many website pages as you want, with the option to create sub pages and sub sub pages.
  • Create custom forms that your visitors can fill in
  • Create any amount of photo galleries
  • We populate your first 5 pages to serve as example
  • Access to our help blog, containing various tutorials on how work with the CMS

If you plan on making several changes a month (2-3 changes a week) on your website, then the CMS will definitely be a more cost effective option than a Static Website.

Get more information on our custom CMS software

CMS Lite

For our clients who want a little more than a static site, but cannot afford a regular CMS (at the moment), this option is for you.

It offers the exact same user interface as the regular CMS, and is also extremely easy to use.

It works in exactly the same way as the regular CMS, but with some limitations:

  • A custom template, designed to your specifications
  • You are limited to 6 pages (homepage + 5 regular pages)
  • You can create only one Photo gallery
  • You can only create 2 forms with the form builder
  • You still get full access to our help blog
  • We only populate your homepage, and create your empty inside pages

This will give you a fully working CMS website, and you can make any amount of changes to your content.

If you ever decide that you need access to more pages, galleries or forms, you can request an upgrade to the full CMS, and it will only cost you the difference between the two.

Get more information on the CMS Lite

Wordpress Blog

Wordpress is an award winning blogging system. If you want a Wordpress blog instead of any of our regular products, then we can install one on your website for you (note, you must host your website with us).

Wordpress can also feature as a powerful content management system. We only charge a small, one time fee to setup your Wordpress blog for you on your website, after that we hand it over to you. Wordpress offers all the help you could ever need on their website, with tutorials on how to do basically anything.

Note: If you need any help from our side with your Wordpress blog, we will have to charge you our regular maintenance fee.

Get more information on a Wordpress Blog


We offer the following services to clients with either existing websites, or for whom we've just completed a website:

Website maintenance

If you have purchased a Static Website from us, or you quite frankly don't have the time to make the changes yourself with your CMS, then we can do those changes for you.

It is as simple as send us an email with your required changes, then, as we do the changes, we keep time, and invoice you accordingly. Note - we charge, instead of per hour like doctors and lawyers do, per half hour, so 20 minutes worth of work will give you a half hour invoice.

Get more information on Website Maintenance

Website Hosting

Any website on the internet needs to be hosted somewhere. What that basically means is somewhere there is a big computer with your website one it, and it's permanently connected to the internet. 

Go to our Website Hosting website for more information on our hosting packages and offerings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is pointless to have a website that doesn't get any visitors. Now, there are various ways of getting more visitors to your website, like offline advertising, using social networking like Facebook and Twitter, or placing ads to your website on other websites. Another good way to get visitors is to rank well for your targeted keywords in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We have been working hard the last couple of months to create a very comprehensive SEO package, and here is what we have to offer:

Contact us for more information on our SEO services

That basically covers everything. Feel free to contact us for a quote, or if you have any questions, or if you just want to say "Hi"!

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